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06-09-2011, 05:44 AM
I have been looking forward to the jupiter 3 uniform since i first saw it.
But i have noticed several things on that uniform that really bother me.

I find it really annoying, not being able to choose what color i want to use, especially the Jupiter 3 uniform is too chaotic IMHO.
Please take a look at the male variant:

As you can see (A) should be the same color, but they aren't, so that stripe looks almost pink, regardless how dark the red is. (Especially if one uses the TNG color code where the captain wears red.)
C, D,E,F,G shows the darkest black there is availlable, why are they different shades of grey?
The same with D and H, they are supposed to be the same color but they are not....

What did the art designers think when doing this?
Did they think we can't choose the right colors for ourselves?
Whats the point of letting us customize our uniforms, if there are such stupid restrictions?
If i wanted to have different shades of grey i would color them in that way!

As you can see the female variant (B) does cover the belt thingy when using the jupiter belt (or WoK belt), while the male uniform (B) does not.
It's the same as with the AGT uniforms, the female versions look really good but the male versions looks just stupid.
Is this intended? And if the answer is "yes" then my question is why?

I hope this all doesn't sound too harsh, but honestly i am really dissapointed by that uniform.
Especially since it's not for free, one really should expect a bit more quality.
It's a shame, i was really looking forward to this uniform, but as it is now it's just useless
(since my crew DOES NOT consists of little girls wearing skirts).

Live long and prosper.