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06-09-2011, 07:31 AM
Please read all my responses with a level, calm voice, it is how I intend them. My intent is not an argumentative one.

While I hate to point it out, it's really just an assertion that your reasons are sound. From the reactions and counter-arguments your other threads have drawn out, I think you should be at least be willing to consider that your reasons are not as sound as you may think.
Fair enough, then lets discuss my reasons. Opinions need not be involved.

You think homogenization would lead to a larger KDF population. This is an assertion you have made multiple times, but never explained. To put it in question form: Why would a Fed player who desires ~KDF asset~ roll a KDF character if they already have access to ~KDF asset~ with their Fed(s)?

I do not understand, please explain how giving KDF assets to the Federation will result in more KDF characters rather than Fed characters with KDF assets.
I think, in this case, the gaping lack of leveling content causes more problems for the KDF population than exclusive access to what few things are still unique to us do good. The faction swapping proposal would alleviate this by allowing players to bypass the torturous KDF leveling experience.

As far as your other question. There are a couple of definite benefits to the Federation having the unique assets. In a previous post I went on in detail about how bugs and failures with those specific assets would be corrected with a higher priority if they more severely effected the larger player base. The introduction of other play style combinations or options could be a draw to players currently not involved in the game, even if they were on the Federation side, which would be better for the game overall.

Now, from an exclusively Klingon point of view, it becomes a question of whether the benefit we see in terms of players ONLY playing on the KDF or new players choosing to play on the KDF because of these unique benefits is greater than the benefit we would see by having cloaking bugs, fighter AI, universal slot balance plus whatever future problems we have fixed sooner. I admit freely it's a question that I don't think anyone has the numbers to answer objectively, but subjectively, it feels like there are precious few who decide to play Klingon and stick with it through all the stuff we have to put up with for the sole reason of access to a few unique assets.

I've specifically avoided the questions I consider specious, as they neither represent my reasoning, nor my objections to your proposal(s).

I thank you for your time, and hope you understand that a reasonable, level-headed debate between you and I is likely to do far more good than all the flaming/arguing we might otherwise engage in.
You've chosen to focus on the potential homogenization aspects of the 'faction switch' proposal, and that's fair given that I focused questions 2-8 on homogenization myself and it does open up alot of the homogenization options that I support and others do not. But this isn't a homogenization proposal, I say with an almost straight face, this is a proposal to allow players currently on the Federation side and players currently on the Klingon side to jump to the other faction.

With that in mind, I specifcally set out to limit the 'homogenization aspects' of it in two ways. The first is obvious and definite, I built the proposal with a pretty steep cost. Under this proposal a Federation commander can bounce over to the KDF, buy himself a Bird of Prey, and then bounce back to Starfleet, but at a total cost of double the price of one of the C-Store ships, triple the cost if the ship itself has a C-Store cost, like the B'Rel-R. This should prevent it from becoming wide spread or prevalent and thus limit the damage to the 'feel' of the game and if this turns out to be insufficient we can add additional limitations such as a 30 day cool down between faction switches or a complete wiping of your character's emblems. The second is a little less obvious but, this is not a proposal that suggests the addition of duplicate ships that match aesthetically with the faction. For some that may be a draw, but I suspect the people who actually want to fly a ship in the wrong fleet are a very small portion of the total population. A man who wants to fly an "Akira Carrier" might accept the Voqov or Kafiri carriers as good enough for the moment, but I suspect he'd be as adamantly opposed to the compromise as Mister_Dee is against just giving the KDF a DSSV-R.