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Originally Posted by JToney3449 View Post
In nemesis the enterprise gets hit by a piece of romulan warbird and the shields show as skin tight around the hit area not a bubble.
I think this effect was likely supposed to show a secondary structural integrity field. Not the primary shields for use in combat.

Most Star trek encounters show shields as a bubble around the ship, even so much as to it being an important plot device in several episode (extending shields around others, or when Scotty used his shields to keep open the Dyson Sphere, even shields contracting and certain extremities of the ship being vulnerable).

And while the solution of enlarging and using transparent textures to existing ship models will obviously lessen the amount of work needed, it is still going to be a major undertaking for coding, as your talking about a new visual effect that would need to be tested on many ships, AND would be a higher polycount for in game (every shape in game has to be rendered, so one sphere is much simpler than an entire extra ship).

All of this would be to replicate an effect that can be argued to have not even represented the primary shields of a ship. So while this is something that might be "possible". I would place it has extraordinarily unlikely, ever. As the resources to implement this will have a more broadly applicable purpose.