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Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
There have been discussions like this for many times, and the only conclusion is, there is a good shield for every situation. Figure out what abilities work well with your specific shield, find a balance between capacity and regeneration, prefering as much regeneration without letting yourself be killed because of too low capacity (Burst strikes and Sustained strikes)

If you manage not to get a gap in one of your shield sidings, the borg shield is the ultimate shield.

If you are lazy, and totally want to depend on abilities only to regenerate your shield (which will eventually fail with a good opponent) or you want to go in and out of battle all the time go with Covariant.

But any regeneration shield will eventually outperform a covariant by far in terms of hitpoints, and not to mention the shield power level gives you much more profit with a Regen shield.

No offense to anyone here who still believes the mother of all gods Covariant types are best (aka more cap = better), I have been a long term Covariant user and I could see myself fail continuously with making full use of my available shield healing abilities, as soon as i tried a normal shield array things went better, going to the borg made me...
I agree, everyone kept telling me to stick with the Covariant X2 or X3 sheilds and for the longest time I did. What I was noticing was that while it took quite a bit to put a hit in the covariant, when the hole was there it took too long to bring the shields back up. Even once the battle was done it took a long time to recharge. So I started experimenting with the regen and resiliant sheilds and noticed that my SCI ships were much better at keeping sheilds in a protracted battle. Plus when it was time to move on to the next group of enemies the sheilds were charged again without having to wait.
As everyone is pointing out, there are pros and cons to all shields and you have to find the one that is best suited to the setup of your ship.