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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Let's think about the idea... now carriers have 3 fore and 3 rear weapon slots and 2 hangar bays.
The carrier itself is basicly a dreadnought but with a modified cruiser layout. So why sacrificing 2 weapon slots for an additional hangar bay?

IMHO at least for point defence you need 2 fore and 2 rear weapon slots so you could think about making on weapon slot universal for weapon or hangar purpose.
Since the shipmodel has hangar bays directing in the flight direction those bays "universal" slots could/should only be in front (otherwise they need to add an animation where the fighters/BoPs will start reverse?).

But therefore there are some fixes needed
- FAW need to be fixed
- shields needs to be on paar with a sci ship or at least +50% of what they are now
- your pets should at least not despawn at the end of a current battle
- you'll have to spawn and command your pets from a greater distance
- finecontrol for your pets similar to your officers in groundcombat (simple)