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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
It is an interesting idea.

3 things that makes this not work tho. /edit: actually 4 things, 4th being the autodock after combat ends.

1. No way to direct your fighters (pet commands).

2. FAW or any "stackable/prolonged area damage ability"

3. To long cooldown on relaunch.

Either we launch all pets and have a longer cooldown or make the cooldown we have now a LOT shorter.

Example: shorten the cooldown to the point that if we spam the skill(s) the second they were up we would field a full "fleet" in the same time BoP's cooldown is now.

Alternatively make us launch the full fleet all at once and add a minute to the cooldown, personally i don't like this idea as much because it takes no time at all to kill off our pets as it is now.

/edit2: About the autodock after combat, they could make the hangar bays we have now not audodock after combat ends, but still have the ones they add do that, that way we won't be totally useless for how long it now will take to relaunch the fighters when combat starts.

For a fully pet centric carrier to work our pets needs to have good survivability, and we need the ability to tell them what to attack and where to go, and area attacks needs to be seriously toned down.

If we can't have any of that and they still make this change then they will just kill the carrier totally in pvp.

That said, i do invite the devs to at least try the change anyway and let us test it extensively on tribble. But the devs in charge of the changes would also need to be really really active on the forum for this change and throw all their ideas out there for us to discuss and give feedback on, not just read the forum and never reply like they do now, that helps no one.

But they would need to make it a serious testing attempt like they were intending for this to actually go live, no placeholder items and such stuff, even if it ends up getting scrapped.

I know Cryptic usually do this kind of testing on their internal testing server but this is just to big a change for Cryptic alone to make such a decision.

We players need to have a say in this. After all, we're the ones ending up having to deal with the results, good or bad.