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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
i would really REALLY like for this to happen but you got to think of the other players. i mean how would they fill about more spam? now if this did happen you would need to nerf a lot of things to help your fighters or you could give the fighters a damege buff to serten things like FAW so it will still work the same for player ship but give your fighters a chance to live. targeting range for the carrier should go up to about 50km and can lounch fighters at any range. give more pets like the raptor and pet only abilitys for the carrier like a damege buff to all pets for 20-30 sec. the 1 or 2 new hangers should not be as good as the ones now but if they only take 2 slots give a chouse to make them take 3 each and then they will be as good and you would be a 100% carrier. o o o and if you cant attack with your ship then why be in the fight? so why not give the carrier a bunker mode of some kind that boost its shields and axu power and shorten pet cooldown by 10% and boosting targering range from 50km to 70km also you cant move and ones in bunker mode it take 10 sec to get out of it so players can attack you and you wont just run 20-30km in half a sec. to make it better for others all your hangers can be targets and over time they will heal but the more damege they take the longer the cooldown they have. this would be my dream carrier ( looks in aww ).