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06-09-2011, 11:06 AM
I am for this Idea if they also change a few things:

1: Either they increase the carriers shields and hull making them like modern day carriers (almost no attack capability up close but hard as hell to sink) or they let you have 4 wepon slots instead of just 2 so you can still defend yourself to some degree.

2. Add a pet menu like some people have mentioned already, doesnt have to be much just simple commands like change target or return.

3. Change the launching and returning functions. ex: you can choose to leave your fighters out to have them ready at a moments notice, but then some may be dmged or you wouldnt be able to launch more as fast. If you recall them your defencless but you will have fully healed fighters and could launch them faster.

and last if they decide to make them take up 2 weapon slots and give you know firepower then they should not fix the UI and leave it so if you have a swarm of fighters on one target he wount be able to simple hunt you down and ignore the fighters. Fighters should be their as a distraction since you cannot defend yourself.