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06-09-2011, 11:06 AM
"opzulu, not to say you are wrong (again)"

about what? all I said was that I do indeed use CRF are you calling me a liar? or that large amounts of spam is effective? or that we used vent? or we were a team?

"but the new faw has made it worthless"

so you could have been civil and said use faw its totally op and you would have won. I do use CSV but i guess i can ditch the defiant r and get a faw boat...

And what will happen when they nerf faw and have even more annoying spam? fights and enery draining probes arent bad but when your sensors are constantly switching you around its annoying and you have to force change every 5 seconds the spam is a "meat shield" for the very strong cruisers.