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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Do what you like. But please stop your QQing cause you lost against what FEDs have done in the first place. I see no difference in launching all my fighters to aid me in combat or to huggle and support each other. What's the difference about laying a net of mines? There is no difference.

To give you an advanced hint - the difiant R is an escort with a romulan cloakingdevice and you can say it's on paar or even better than a BoP on the same tier. So what is your opponent?

1) The biggest ship in the whole damn STO universe
2) The slowest (flying and turning) ship in the whole damn STO universe
3) The only ship that is dependent on its support ships.
4) The only KDF ship that can't hide (I don't count Orion or the other garbage a KDF ship)
5) The only science ship that Cryptic cripled to the state that you can't miss the sign "shoot me first".

So all you do is looking for an excuse for your unsurpassed disability to change your playstyle depending on the situation.

SS does not only affect you. Did you read the patch notes?
In case you'r SS'ed... you've got those greenish lights around you. Maybe you should take it as a hint to not switch targets wild or activate a power that could heal your target. You also could select your target by secting it with your mouse? (That's what I do in case I got SS'ed and my pet's kill themself).
You could think about a counter strategy - maybe concentrated fire on one target? Target Subsystems? Gravity Well? Scramble Sensors? What ever... you don't have to use FAW or CSV to be effective against pets.