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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by opzulu View Post
in this particular thread everyone just thinks the worst
Including YOU.

You assume that these sub-hangars would be more powerful or game breaking. They haven't been tested. They haven't even been made. They are surely not something that would be done anytime 'soon", and you are dismissing them (along with many others) based upon the current state of the game.

Instead, you could be more logical, and you could discuss what needs to change in game to make such a thing fit. Honestly, it's the people like you, and not just in this thread, who are the reason these bad changes were made in the first place.

They come here and cry and complain about this and that. They don't rationally talk about what should be fixed, how it is overpowered and a logical way it could work better. Intead, they scream doom and claim false ideals to be true.

Racism is surely rampant on these forums. Federation players seem to hate the Klingons and vice versa, regardless of cause or reason. I rarely see anyone discuss the topic from both sides, logically, or even from one side reasonably. They just start insulting and claiming the others are out of balance.

The main reason Feds don't like the Carrier is because they don't have one. I have flown a Carrier my entire General Career, even when it was reduced to a floating target that more often than not cost my team points.

You can tell there are so many more Fed players than Klingons because everytime you turn around a Klingon ship is being reduced. What I find supremely funny is that Fed vs Fed PvP is almost always full, where getting in a game with Klingons is hard as hell, but there is enough data among the community to say that something is overpowered on the Klingon side. You get your butts handed to you once and it's because the KDF is overpowered, not becasue you were on a bad team or maybe just didn't have the better skills. I will attest that on Klingon side I see us lose more than we win. The only time I can usually expect to win is in a Capture and Hold match. It's like the Feds never even try to catpure points, they are too busy blowing up ships. I can attest that that statement is also true as a Fed player. I am always yelling at the team to capture points because they just ignore them. In arena matches...9 out of 10 times the Feds win. I play Sci on Fed side. I fly the D'kyr. I can usually beat a carrier 1v1 without too much effort. They have the largest hulls in the game typically, but my little low DPS Sci ship can tear them down with relative ease.

There are few who are tough, but most are just floating tin. The few who aren't...yeah, they get accused of being OP every match they win. They aren't OP. It's just some loser doesn't know what he's doing, he thinks PvP is PvE and he gets his hat handed to him becasue he can't accomodate for the difference. Then he comes here and QQ's that Carriers are OP, that cloak is OP and that anything else he doesn't use or like is OP. He never tests it out. Never tres to learn how to beat it.

Want to verify that something is overpowered, do some 1v1 matches. Try your ship out against someone else. Try some different builds and see if you still believe that. No, it's easier to come here and complain and demand changes that aren't neccessary.

You know why PvP is so broken...that's why. Cryptic gives into the majority, which are sadly typically uneducated about the facts and just spew whatever someone else said. Sheep. Sit in a crowded place and glance around. Then look at your watch. Now look around again. Watch how many people also glance at their watch. The guy who doesn't...that's the one I want to ask about things.

KDF players spend more time in PvP. They have to. That's how they get equipment. So it stands to reason that practice makes a better player...and that the KDF is more practiced than FED. Funny, you can repeat that a million one considers it.

So...when the KDF is nerfed, down to the last ship, so badly that they all quit...that they are like fighting NPC ships 10 levels under you...what will you do then? Stop playing becasue it's boring to have no challenge? Come and QQ that it's not a challenge? QQ cause there are no more KDF players and you can't get in a match?

All the above...probably. Then what, you just go to FED PvP and forget it. So why not do that now? Why not just go into FED vs FED and leave the KDF alone? See how long you last there, how long it takes before you start asking for changes to your OWN side of the game.

Wait...that would be logical. We can't have any of that.