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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Cause they can be brutally effective.

"There are few who are tough, but most are just floating tin. The few who aren't...yeah, they get accused of being OP every match they win. They aren't OP. It's just some loser doesn't know what he's doing, he thinks PvP is PvE and he gets his hat handed to him becasue he can't accomodate for the difference. Then he comes here and QQ's that Carriers are OP, that cloak is OP and that anything else he doesn't use or like is OP. He never tests it out. Never tres to learn how to beat it."

your saying the feds are noobs when the carriers win and cry about it...Im saying the carriers are Very strong in groups and if they klingons know what they are doing they can dominate...

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