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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by opzulu View Post
Cause they can be brutally effective.

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That's maybe the best quote... from someone who never flew a carrier vs a skilled player/team.
No carrier aren't OP. It all depends on ypur oponent and you are no match at all.
And I'm still all against FvF cause it killed the whole PvP idea in STO cause since they started it those players lost the ground based for their insults. They just screem what they think without ever made a good ammount "tests" with different setups. I'm sorry but STO isn't canon nor balanced but QQing about that the carrier may be OP is the same as to grumble about the current weather.

PS: To you forum mods - next time edit a posting to it's meaning instead to grab a line and delete everything else.
And to those who calim to be a DEV - how about to write a line about the current state of the development and what we have to expect. It's annoying to write bugrepots en mass or discuss ideas to improve the game and never get a response.

PPS: Why do I never see a GM ingame but in this thread as a MOD?