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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by opzulu View Post
Giving them more spam and having no other changes would be op and yes, that would include taking away the weapon slot to give them the hangar...NOW I said it the word OP
You'r talking about spam - what do you think would another hangar change?
Nothing cause the ammount of fighters and BoPs are limited regardless of how many hangers you have.
Nobody was asking for more fighters - that's what you imply.

And yes - I do fly with and against skilled players.
And yes - there's allways a way to crack 6 and even 12 carriers. You just have to use your skills.
But what about 6 to 12 cruisers? 8 Beams each? How long do you think could a carrier survive?
6 to 12 escorts or science? So... don't brother me with your lolskills.

Skill and the right team and a proper communication and you will allways win.