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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by opzulu View Post
I was making a point. Its sooo easy to just call someone a noob and that they cant play. I have seen Carriers used very effectivly and giving them more pets doesnt sit well with me.

And taking my quote out of context doesnt help your argument either.

I believe my first comment was that I would like them to test it first, because when used in large ammounts (large amounts of carriers that is) they can be used very effective, giving them more pets sounds like a bad idea. Now if there was a change in tandem with this one they should state it cause otherwise to think that some other magical change of balance will come out is just illogical.

we are talking about one update, specifically more spam on carriers. The point I brought up is in groups they can be used very effectively already.

I think the best part of this "conversation" is that I never said the carrier was OP...if you actually read what I said, they did something very effective. we havent found a good way to combat the strategy yet. What I would hate to see is our team using bfaw 1/2/3 to do it, I mean I thought this game was supposed to not have an I win button, we have been tryn different things, I changed things up but didnt matter in our 2nd match, hopefully the third will be more interesting.

Giving them more spam and having no other changes would be op and yes, that would include taking away the weapon slot to give them the hangar...NOW I said it the word OP

See how easy it is to just call someone a noob and that they dont know what they are doing? This thread is pointless...

"They come here and cry and complain about this and that. They don't rationally talk about what should be fixed, how it is overpowered and a logical way it could work better. Intead, they scream doom and claim false ideals to be true."

ROFL!! i guess its to much to ask for people to actually real my posts around here, tell me, did you read my posts in here or just attack me cause you saw i was as fed player in the klingon secton? This This is whats wrong with this thread. I was stating a personal experience not calling the ship op mind you, but the idea they want to do imo would be.
I said people, not you specifically. If you are assuming that it is implied to be about YOU, then maybe you are guilty of that which you claim to not be?

Didn't you say you won't be playing Fed vs Klingon PvP until they fix it? I didn't notice any patch notes saynig it was fixed.

I didn't say all Fed were noobs. But the majority of those posting are new to PvP. The largest issue with PvP period is the lack of people willing to teach and train players to play better. They are too afraid to give away their top secret builds and afraid that one day this person might be better than them. So some player comes in from a pure PvE experience and gets killed over and over. They come here and complain, someone else decides they must be right and the next thing you know there is a 50 page thread about something that isn't broken.

The trend continnues, the PvP is so broken right now that you can spend only a couple of minutes looking at the PvP forums and see it. Why has this happened? Hmm....maybe from what i said above. People not trying to learn to combat tactics, or trying to find out what beats something else effectively. They just come and complain.

If you aren't one of those people, then why are you defending yourself?