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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by MortarrKang
Thanks for the warning, though, about you kicking people for nonsensical reasons.
If by nonsensical you mean a player that places his team at a disadvantage for no other reason than to pad his damage a tiny amount so he can feel better that he is not at the botton of the table over a player who took for example CBP or SS who will often be at the bottom damage wise but who would help facilitate the death of players, then yes i would.

I would rather have a poor player who took another skill yet has not mastered pvp and so does not contribute as much because at least they attempted to build around team success, which is what any decent sci player should be doing.

But then what do i know about team success, not like i have been part of very successful teams so i could be totally wrong.