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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
In todays pvp fbp is a good skill, I get that good escorts will stop shooting, but if they see your hull drop below 50 then they usually stay on target and try to outlast the sci ship. Beyond that ,fawking beam boats get some hull damage for their skillless setup. There seems to be alot of firepower in pvp these days and fbp essentially provides the user with 15 seconds of resistance while knocking a chunk of hp off of the attacker. Any more than three ships firing at you and fbp wont get you far. As far as it being a skill that is so selfish to kick somebody from a team, well perhaps, but I use it to stay alive so that I might offer up some help to my team/side. I would say that until the FAW fiasco, fbp would sit idle for too long. I will probably lose it after they fix faw. I did not use it prior to faw, but we will see how things evolve.