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06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by Ardept View Post
Any Escorts who anyone would recognise as good? Does having killed 'more than just a few times', which skill sounds a lot smaller than a lot, qualify this as one of the top Cmdr Sci skills in your opinion? Not being sacrastic (odd i know) a genuine question for you.
For a regular SV, likely not

For a Carrier, most definately one of the top, yes - The reliance on the frontal arc on many of the "normal" skills people use on SVs are a huge, huge, HUGE drawback in my opinion..

Ive only played the Carrier this way for a couple of hours total in Kerrat - Generally fighting 1v3-1v6 odds, so it isnt a "real" test.

Atleast my FBP was a huge factor in a couple of Cubas Defiants death in Ker'rat yday..