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So, I had never really flown the Kar'fi and wanted to make a .. unorthodox.. build:

Science Captain

Frontal weapons
4 Disruptor Beam Banks

Rear Weapons
2 Disruptor Turrets
1 Disruptor Beam Array

Borg Deflector
Borg Engine
Reman Shield


Eng - Plasma Distr Manifold + 35% Shield
Sci - Induction Stabilizer
Tac - Disruptor


Tac LtC : TacTeam 1 - FAW 2 - AP Beta 2
Tac Lt : TacTeam 1 - FAW 2

Eng Lt : EP2S 1 - EP2S 2

Sci Cmdr: SciTeam1 - TBR 1 - HE 3 - FBP 3
Sci Lt : Polarize 1 - TSS 2

I wanted to focus on abilities that doesnt have a narrow arc, ėts bad enough I never have the arc when I need to SNB a target, and even the DBBs are a pain to keep arc with.

Its an fairly effective setup, had a match yday against a Die Verdigers premade, in which I ended up with 1.1mil damage and 750k healing

Possible alterations:

Replace the DBBs with cannons, the rear array with a 3rd turret and roll two CRF1 or CSV1 - Will provide a wider arc, and get rid of the controversial FAWs. Im disliking myself for this build, even with FAWing DBBs on a Carrier.