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Hmm.. Power settings and the Vor'quv are a tricky thing..

If you want to be a Tank.. you can be that way..

If you want to be a Support ship.. you can do that..

If you want to be a damage dealer, you can do that too..

Yes, Aux is the MOST important skill to the Carrier. Most of the time.

If you decide to not make your pets as important as the rest of your skills you can give yourself some leway in Power settings..

With that being said, I typically use the following settings when flying my Carrier because of the powers I use.. And the powers I almost always use on the Carrier, and I recommend are:

Emergency power to shields 3: If you are speced in this, you can get anywhere from a 37-40 Shield power on it's own. Which is huge for recovery and tank ability.. Which the Vor'quv NEEDS.

Transfer shield Strength 2 or 3: Typically you'll have a high aux power. This power at the Aux settings I run (See below) usually provides the best benifit from Transfer shields.

Hazard Emitters 2 or 3: This power, from the higher aux settings, allows for greater healing AND resistances. You'll be able to recover faster during those peroids where your taking damage that would kill most other ships with your hull rating.

And the power settings I use are:

Weapons /25
Shields /50
Engines /25
Aux /100

The reason I don't put the numbers before the slash is because that number might be different for you compared to me. Either from Race selection, Trait selection, or what ever. That is typically what I go with because of the powers I mentioned. The +37 Shield bonus from Emergency power to shields means for 30 seconds at a time I have at least 100+ Shield power. Leaving my Consoles open for resistances instead of Energy setting boosts. Not that that is a perfect, or even best way to go about it. It's been the way I've felt most comfortable.

Now I've tried going the opposite way, With Shield power at /100 and Aux at /50 With Emergency power to Aux 3.. And honestly it didn't work out quite the same way. Sure my shields could last a while, but my Aux sufferend and made the powers I was using at the time less effective. Which, in the end, effected my survivability. And now that they've added Aux to the Hangers, it would definitely not be a useful way to play in my play style.

Now the reasons for my Weapons being so low and my Engines being so low are, I'm not going to be doing as much damage as my Pets, or my Bridge officer powers may be dealing. So, having a weapon power that is "enough" for targeted subsystem attacks works fine since I'm using a mostly beam set up. At least 1 beam in the front or back. How ever, for a Turret Boat Carrier with Say Scatter Volley 2, you'll want a higher weapon setting for obvious reasons. And if I were to be using that kind of a Boat, I'd probobly go with the following instead.


I'd also use Weapon Consoles to help improve my Weapon power settings. And maybe even Emergency power to Weapons or at least Weapon Batteries to help keep the weapon power churning.

So, anyway, at the end of the day, it really depends on what your trying to do with the Vor'quv. If you want Damage, go with a higher weapon power. If you want Survivability, go with either high shields or High aux and a good set of BOs to keep the other power in line with what your trying to do. Either way, find something that works for you, beyond what we suggest, using tribble to help tweek those Ideas, and have fun with it.