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06-09-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by Sciritai View Post
Upgrades? No, I personally think it is balanced the way it is right now and that any tweak would bring the Fed PVP'rs out in force crying foul about how you blew their new MVAE out of space with little to no effort and that you need to be nerfed. Costumes or Variations YES!!!!! That is what most of the KDF community wants with its ships, being able to customize our death sleds as we reign down hate and discontent upon the Feds.

Sure a few more classes of ships would be great, but being able to utilize more costume options would be a quick fix to appease the KDF in the short term. Note, I said appease short term, not fix and satisfy.
Speaking for myself, I want more for the KDF in the way of ships, missions, storyline, costume options, Targ/saurian handling, etc but am tired of being told "no" by the feds everytime the subject is brought up whilst they cry foul of our faction being too powerful in thier vaunted opinions.
So I wait patiently, play the game and see if the Devs will allow fed pandering to undermine every other aspect of STO much like the situation PvP seems to be slowly/quickly falling into currently.
Biding my time until I decided that the game is so far gone from common sense as to not be worth my refering to those I know whom have asked of it and how it plays.
Harsh, most certainly, but I tire of the petty BS and grow bored with being told me place by those whom deem themselves my betters.