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06-09-2011, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Non-Conformists. Meaning I can't form convicts into other shapes very well. Though maybe comminist convicts are easier to bend?
Have you tried breaking their bones?
Those crunchy...tasty bones...?

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
as to the love a Raptor should get. My only suggestion would be drop a ENG console slot and give the LG version a 17 turn score.
Doesn't a Mk11 RCS console have a similar effect?
It takes over one ENG console and increases the turnrate.

My proposal for a Raptor that fills a gap at max level would certainly by one that shifts the ship's focus towards science, away from Tactical.
With a decent amount of science slots and a Sci BO setup and a reduced armament, 3/3 no cannons.
I know some folks will laugh at me for this because Raptor and science sounds contradictory.
But I guess it's as non-conformistic as your ideas.
And I'd say a Raptor with a fixed science arrangement would probably be a very attractive and useful alternative to the BoP.
Also the Raptor all the Raptors in this game come from was a scout not a starship-killer so it's not as out of the box as it may sound.