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06-09-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by Aoav160 View Post
IMO the Raptor needs a little umpf somewhere. Whether it is BC, BO arrangement, or something but I though it was a bit soft.
You think so?

My latest KDF character went Raptor, and all the way through mid-captain I'm finding this to be one tough little ship. My damage output is easily on par with my BoP captain's (well in excess of 200K damage done in my last PvP match) but feels more durable, both in shields and hull strength.

I actually feel like I survive more in it (a fact I find odd, since I made very good use of battle-cloak on the BoP and thought that nothing would out-survive that). In PvE I'm finding it just as easy to solo as the BoP and naturally easier than my cruiser. I'm a fan for sure.

What specifically made you feel like it was soft, and in comparison to what?