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06-09-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee

Just kidding.
I'm leveling a liberated Borg Engineer on a Raptor and I intend to keep the Raptor.
It feels tougher than the Fedration escorts I played at similar levels though I admit this might be
due to the fact I'm leveling an Engineer and not a Tac as well.
People will probably laugh at my config (DBBs, BAs and Photons) but I think the ships gives
a very interesting gameplay.

But I'd nontheless not mind some alternate BO layouts, one with a LtC Engineer would be quite handy.
I don't know about laughing, DBB is pretty popular (I'm running three in the fore right now). I come up on top damage in PvP, making good use of Beam Overload for single targets (with a very satisfying boom to make me think I made the right choice) and Beam FAW which seems to be the flavour of the month for everyone.

If I want to play with cannons I'll just hop back in my BoP.