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06-09-2011, 10:11 AM
I purchased a Tier5 Raptor today so I'd have something to fly while leveling up. Figured the process would be less painless than trying to fly a healing-equipped Battle Cruiser with all turrets.

Officer layout.

Tactical 1: Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1, Fire At Will 3, Attack Pattern Beta 3
Tactical 2: Tactical Team 1, Fire At Will 2, Torpedo (High Yield) 3.
Tactical 3: Torpedo (Spread) 1.
Engineer: Emergency Power (Weapons) 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1.
Science: Tractor Beam 1, Scramble Sensors 1.

Yeah, you guys must be thinking; no heals?! Scramble Sensors?! Where's Cannon Rapid fire?! Beam Fire At Will?! Looks like a total mess, I know! But remember; I picked these powers for PvE. I have 3 Dual Beam Banks forward, one Photon torpedo launcher, and three turrets in the rear. I'm an Engineer captain, not tactical.

Against a single target, Beam Fire At Will chews through them like a machine gun.. it's essentially rapid fire for Beams. Attack patterns provide debuffs (and a bit of defense). I chain Tactical Teams for the temporary damage boost. Emergency Power Weapons for the same. Tractor Beam to pin a target so I can unload on their weak shields easier. Fire at Will + Attack Pattern Beta + Scramble Sensors is good for those groups of 3 Frigate-type NPC ships, too.

I decided to help a friend with her PVP dailies; it was fairly fun flying a Raptor.. I did a lot better than I thought I would. FAW3 is merciless when you can keep a single target infront of you... especially for de-cloak alpha strike versus someone who wandered a bit too far from home. In one of my matches I came across a DSSV who had lagged behind the Fedball and decloaked, fully buffed, and let rip with FAW3 and the Fed ship exploded in seconds. It was glorious! Scramble Sensors are always fun to use on healers when you're pressuring them with raw DPS.

Of all the pvp matches I did, I ended up doing the most damage, which kind of surprised me -- Fire at Will isn't exactly the best skill for Arena matches... plus I'm an Engineer with my skills spent for healing. :p

Flukes, I guess! Raptors are pretty sweet, though.