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06-09-2011, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by KhansWrath
honestly the only reason to fly the raptor in tier 5 is looks, the bop only loses a rear turret slot and can equip bos of any type in every slot, after running both specced for both i found the battle cloak and bo flexability on the bird of prey make it a vastly superior killing machine over the raptor which once you make your prescence known youre just plain ****ed if the enemy catches on to your emergency escape routine and chases you down.
That would be both irrelevant to the topic of the thread and... wrong.

9000 more hull and more firepower = better tactical option. A BoP can only become more survivable than a Raptor by giving up the tactical options that give any tactical ship the damage it needs to be useful... so to come close to a Raptor in damage, a BoP must become the most fragile ship in the game.