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06-09-2011, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by Danny391
Not really when you consider the fact that Cryptic chose to make an Excelsior class that tops the Sovereign class. You could just say that the Raptor was redesigned cause why would you be using out dated cloaking technology so far in the future?
Meh, anachronistic conversation now as I think I asked that question initially before the Excelsior T5 jibba jabba came out?

I wouldn't even know where to begin approaching such a discussion in March of 2011 with the game and the ships the way they are now.

I flew a raptor with my KDF character up until just now when I got a Nausicaan overpriced ship from the C-Store because my character is Nausicaan and I wanted him to fly his home planet's ship.

The raptor's a better ship though.