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06-09-2011, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by BobO369 View Post
I fly a Raptor for the follow reasons.

1) I can survive in it far longer than in a BoP.

2) I can do massive damage in it.

3) I like the way it looks.

4) I can kill engineers in cruisers using it.
It all depends from a matter of carreer choice I guess... As tactical career I can understand considering you are geared more towards damage.
As engineer I have given myself 2 choices… The universal BoP or the BC, right now I use the BoP and unless 3 or more start pounding me I can hold my own.
4 Hull Heals:
- Auxilary power to structural integrity II
- Engineering Team I and III
- Hazard Emitters II
5 Shield Heals
- Science Team I
- Emergency power to Shields I and III
- Rotate Shield Frequency III
- Reverse Shield Polarity I
And do not forget Miracle Worker III which gives both Hull and Shield healing when in an emergency.

This kind of healing power I could not have in a Raptor.
Combining my healing skills with 4x DBB and a fast turnrate allows for very fun dog fighting against 1 or 2 feds (which is were I get my fun in PvP)..
With very little need to use BattleCloak I must add unless 3 or more feds suddenly team up… When that happens I am dead quite fast without assistance from my fellow KDF, but I doubt even the 9000 hull can make a Raptor take a long beating from multiple vessels.

So far I have flow BoP’s, BC’s and the Vo’Quv Carrier. All 3 are fun although have their strong and weak points. BoP’s are cannon fodder, BC’s turn too slow to use anything else but Beam Arrays and Carriers turn even slower then BC’s and I hate the pets landing every time my enemy is dead (as if in the instance I am at the moment I am not going to need them about 10 seconds later…).
Raptors however look better then BC’s and due to that I am tempted to try, but I don’t have the needed BOff’s to outfit it properly so I might try it on a future alt… Already got two BoP characters… .