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06-09-2011, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
I fly a Raptor mainly for the same reason the OP does. I do not think the Cowardly hit and run tactics of the BoP are befitting a KDF officer. I would see them as fighting to the death instead rather than cloaking in the middle of a fire fight. To be honest; that is a Romulan tactic.
It always seems strange to me when people consider effective tactics for an honourable race to be "cowardly" because it doesn't fit THEIR standards.

For one, Klingons aren't Paladins. They don't sit their in their piety taking their hits and blasting about righteousness. They don't have the armour to withstand such attacks even if for some reason nobility demanded it. They are conquerors. Honour, for Klingons, isn't quantified in the same way you apparently percieve it to be. Honour to a Klingon means the ability to win in battle against a formidable opponent, subjugate it, and be acknowledged as the superior warrior and victor. Hit and run attacks with a smaller, lighter ship against a larger target is most certainly going to net them an honourable, glorious victory.

Secondly, everyone also assumes the same (though opposite viewpoint) of Romulans. Are all Romulans cowards? Are they all sneaky, ready to sell out their own at a moment's notice? Actually, no. Romulans are paranoid and xenophobic, true, but that makes them want to protect their Empire and families even moreso. There's a nobility (to them) to doing everything in their power to maintain a fruitful, prosperous Romulan civilization and the Federation, the KDF, and pretty much everyone else can and might be a threat to that. Romulan Warbirds are among the most powerful vessels in the quadrant, and accordingly the Romulans don't like to shy away from a fight (although they do for political reasons... they have a lot to consider).

In closing, fighting to the death in a smaller, lesser-equipped vessel with a hull that would break if you sneezed at it against a monstrous cruiser of another faction may seem noble and could be romanticised however you wish, but that doesn't change the fact that it's utterly stupid if you have another option. I fly a Raptor and I fly a BoP, and both have their differing playstyles; neither of them is without honour, and both bring glorious victory.

You wish to pass over the BoP because your style of fighting leads you more toward the also-cloaking Raptor, so be it. But beware the warrior you call a coward, even if indirectly as this!