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06-09-2011, 11:11 AM
I have used both a Raptor and a BoP and prefer the Raptor. Both have their strong points and weaknesses. A tactical in a Raptor with the right setup can do huge damage quickly. Put that same character in to a BoP and you can set it up to tank in a fight better than the Fed's Fleet Escort. You will not out tank a Cruiser but you can outlast any Fed Escort.

As for cloaking both the BoP and Raptor will use it to attack and as most Klingon's know the cloak loses its advantage after the first attack run until you can get out of firing range of the enemy ship. Both the Raptor and the BoP use the same tactic to evade enemy fire and reengage their cloak to setup a new attack run.

The difference is that most of the time in a BoP you are finishing off the same target on the second attack run where as in the Raptor you have already destroyed the first target and are going after a second.

Put a Science character in a BoP and that becomes a different beast all together. With the BO options you have you can make a very frustrating build for PvP vs. any other ship and character combo in the game.

So I agree with what others have said in this post that preference of one ship over the other depends on character type and fighting style.