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06-09-2011, 11:12 AM
Did a reworking of my spec a week or so back and definitely found it to be better.

Here is the slightly redone build: I.K.S. Qa'Im -SVK-

-1x Antiproton DBB
-2x Antiproton DHC
-1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher

-2x Antiproton Turrets
-1x Antiproton Beam Array

-ENG: 2x EPS power relays
-SCI: 2x MSS
-TAC: 4x AMG (+28 AP damage)

Although I really liked polaron, I came to the realization that Raptors are all about quick strikes more than sustained engagements. Furthermore I realized that I was using a damage type that is better suited for disabling ships than full assaults; and so after looking at all the damage types and assessing their best uses, I narrowed the top choices for Escorts/Raptors to be AntiProton and Disruptors as both are ideal for fast strikes.

In the end I went with AP for the obvious reasons of Epics vs Blues/Greens..........and I'm not looking back......