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06-09-2011, 11:12 AM
Dont have a link to my current build, it needs a little revision anyway, but here is my current loadout for my raptor

Disruptor weapons
2xDHC(mk x uncommon critD)
1xDC(mk IX rare, CritDx2)
1xsingle cannon (mk IX rare, critD x2)
2xturret (mk X common)
1xBeam array (mk IX uncommon, CritD)

BO abilities
AP Beta II
Cannon RF II
Cannon RF I
Beam Overload II
Beam Overload I
Tac Team I
Dont use the ensign lol, but its beam target at will

EP to Shields I

Hazard Emitters I
Science Team II

First off my personal preference now is to not mix all three weapon types; projectiles, beams, and cannons. I use a combo of cannons and projectiles, or cannons and beams. Skill point wise this strategy is very effective.
Now before you laugh at the single cannon, i have found it to be quite useful in combination with my strategy of turning about to get the beam array to overload, keeps the shields down so that burst hits the hull. This setup works very well in pvp and i have no problem maintaining top damage. The best thing about the raptor i have found is that feds tend to leave you alone until you prove to be a hazard to them. They usually suffer quite a few deaths however before they realize the BoP arent the only ships out there that can reak havoc quickly.