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Lt. Commander
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06-09-2011, 10:12 AM
Q'in Raptor
IKS May'be'nl' - Klingon for "Battlesister"
Meline - Science Captain


[Disruptor Dual Beam Bank MK X] x4 - Alternatively 3x DBB 1 Quantum


[Disruptor Beam Array MK X] x2
[Tricobalt Mobile Device MK XI]


[Hyper Impulse Engine MK X [Spd][Turn]] (thanks for Fed crafting)


[Covariant Shield Array MK X [Cap][Cap]] (thanks for Fed crafting)


Some MK IX Rare with bonus to Deflector


[Booster Modulator MK X]
[Booster Modulator MK X]
[RCS Accelerator MK X]

[Halon System MK X] x2

[Disruptor MK X] x2
[Disruptor MK X] x2

BO Skills

Tactical Commander

Tactical Team I
Beam : Fire at will II
Beam : Fire at will III
Attack Pattern : Omega III

Tactical Lt Commander

Tactical Team I
Attack Pattern : Beta I
Beam Overload III

Tactical Ensign

Torpedo Highyield I

Engineering Lieutenant

Emercency Power to Shield I (Alternatively Emercency Power to Weapons - Used in premades)
Reverse Shield Polarity I

Science Lieutenant

Polarize Hull I
Tractor Beam Repulsors I


Science Team I
Hazard Emitters II