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06-09-2011, 10:12 AM
For must have skills:
science team and/or engineering team - for counters to common debuffs: scramble, snb, target subsystems, ect
CRF or FAW depending on build - for damage output increase
attack pattern omega / polarize hull - immunity to tractor beams, omega is slightly better because it grants movement, dmg, and turn buffs and immunity to movement debuffs
at least one sheild heal (epts, Tss, sci team, ect) - some survival
and least one hull heal (aux to SIF, hazard emitters, engineering team) - some survival

suggest one movement buff (omega, aux to dampeners, EPtE) - in a pug, sometimes you need to get somewhere fast / get away fast. movement buff + evasive = gone.

thats what I require on all my ships ( except i don't use FAW), regardless of class, faction, or purpose; because in a Pug, you can't be sure what your teammates will do

just my two EC...