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06-09-2011, 11:13 AM
I think the "standard" in Escort weapon selection (no matter if it's Fleet, Advanced, Tactical or Raptor) is moving towards:
Front: 2 Heavy Dual Cannons, 1 Dual Beam Array, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Back: Probably 2 Turrets and a Quantum Torpedo Launcher.
This gives you the highest spike potential combining Rapid Fire, Beam Overload and High Yield Torpedo all in one direction.
The above might also answer part of your question in regards to BO layout - the above powers are a must, basically. Add one or two decent Attack Patterns (for Escorts, Attack Pattern Omega and Beta are probably the best choice) and maybe Tactical Team I if you have issues with the cooldown overlaps.

For defense, Reverse Shield Polarity has been the favorite choice for a long time, but you might want to prepare for the upcoming nerf and pick something else. For defense, simply cycling two Emergency Power to Shields could be the easiest, though I would suggest looking for some movement buffs (Emergency Power to Engines or Auxillary to Dampeners), too.
On the Science side, Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull are popular defensive choices. Science Team can be utiliaritian when dealing with Subnuclonic Beam and Jam Sensors and for its tiny shield heal. Tractor Beam is a good offensive choice - keep your enemy stationary to improve damage output.

More exotic builds could use Tractor Beam Repulsors (drive the enemy before you and here the lamentations of their crewmen).