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06-09-2011, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I designed a DBBx2/DHCx2 CRF/BFAW crossover AP build that shows great DPS promise in Naggoraks damage tester, but since I can't get the Skill Planner to work I've stalled in testing.

MM gave excellent tips on what skills to use in a Raptor but they are a little out-of-date and I wondered if anybody has come up with newer ideas.

I still use EPTS,EPTS and TSS as my prime shield buff/healing with HE/PH as the prime hull buff/healing.
Keeping ST on the side for those pesky SNBs and SS attacks.
I run a spacebar rythimic keybind that cycles TT1, CRF1, FAW1, CRF3, FAW3, ApB1, TT1 with weapons on autofire. I keep ApA, ApO, SNB, SenS, and my other carreer buffs on single use keys, yet I still feel that I fall somewhere in the middle experience/abilitywise when I battle against feds or alongside those really good KDF players.
A warrior always strives to better thier craft.
To be honest I don't have a 'fixed' build,I always have spare weapons in my inventory so I can swap on the fly if my current build is 'inadequate'.Same goes for skills,I change BO setups when the situation demands it.

And it does drive Feds crazy,as they have no clue as to what skills I'll be using next.