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06-09-2011, 11:15 AM
The Chang B'rel needs its cloak fixed. Otherwise I think they're great ships, and I think people shouldn't get so bent out of shape over Fire at Will. A good cruiser can tank quite well, this is true. Here's the thing: ITS SUPPOSED TO!!! These are flagships, not some podunk freighter. The Cruiser also has far inferior damage by comparison to a Bird of Prey, Raptor, Escort, etc. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or confused. Sure, it is possible to get off some decent damage with a Cruiser... but it is nothing in comparison to a Escort in rapid fire with a mass of cannons chewing through your Shields and Straight to your hull before you can click a button.

if anything, I'd like to see shields be stronger than they are across the board. Sure the battles might take longer, but as I recall from the shows and films, the Shields were your biggest line of defense.