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Points for best answer...

Seriously, though the BoP is underpowered. I'd like to see the rules changed back to what they were in november when I was playing the feds and the klingons equally and having equal challenge / success. Sadly I doubt they'll do that, but the totality of change to the rules has dramatically shifted the balance to feds and away from klingons generally and the BoP in particular.

Some of it is very subtle:
a) Fixing the leadership trait on humans means that Feds in the know now have all-human space crews that do great healing.

b) Introducing borg gear that heals on a percentage of shots recieved means that cannon rapid fire is more likely to trigger the proc and thus has become less effective.

c) Increasing the number of ways that device slots can be used has favoured cruiser users and hurt the BoP. For example, it has effectively nerfed the supposed maneuver advantage of a BoP, since cruisers can easily use AtD and deuterium. Seriously, try flying your cruiser like an escort sometime using this trick. All ships should have four slots if they want any pretense of balance. (Not that I didn't warn about this on tribble, but the fed cruiser lovers drooled.)

d) Making every ship a carrier of romulan fighters has lessened the relevance of klingon carriers, while turning PVP into a poor Star Wars knock off. I switched to CSV to fight the fighter and mine spam, but that makes for a marked reduction in dps on my BoP. I can't stress how much giving fighters to every ship was a huge mistake. Fighters are a space opera fantasy with no place in science fiction morality plays. Paramount made a mistake adding them to Star Trek canon for this simple truth; The lack of a difference in medium between air and sea means that you can't cut and paste naval air concepts into a "tall ships" space combat simulation, without it either "feeling" wrong or becoming unbalanced.

e) FAW is just too potent. Cannon users are non-competative now, and the klingon ships all pay in hitpoints for the right to carry cannons.

f) The resistance debuff nerf that happened back in december hit escorts and bops particularily hard, since they use APB and are more likely to use tac officers or science officers. Nagorik did a good post on that a while back, the upshot being that the change from APB, FOMM, and SS debuffing a percentage to only debuffing points effectively means that instead of a 90% maximum debuff for my tac officer, suddenly I was getting single digit results. ATD is a cruiser skill (now that it has been fixed), since you receive fire with it, while APB is a BoP skill since you use it from decloak. ATD boosts resist more than APB debuffs it, plus it gives an effect back at your attacker. BoPs (and escorts with cloaks) are the loser.

g) Klingon player skill has decreased markedly. This is in part because experienced klingons started moving to their fed toons as faction balance got farther out of line, but mostly because there are a lot more people leveling up in PVE and not developing the same PVP expertise. I now see foolish klingons who don't team up just as much as I do feds. I mean really... even if you are a complete egotist who wants to pretend you don't need anyone else, why not give me the chance to throw some active healing around. You won't notice in the heat of battle, and I'll be better off for you not dying so much. Win-Win...

h) Universal stations no longer add to combat capability. Let's face it. No one switches bridge officer layout during a battle. At most I'll swap a tac officer with CRF for another with CSV, and I can do that in an escort. But it's simply inconceivable that I would modify the number of officers of each type in response to my opponents. The need for hot keys and the way the game handles keybinding makes this an impossibility. So there is no value in battle for the BoPs universal "flexibility". If I come in with a commander tac, two science lieutenants, and a lieutenant commander of engineering, I'm not switching to my heal BoP or Science BoP loadouts in mid battle. That's what my other two klingon toons are for.

So as new fed ships are added with new officer combinations, the value for a BoP in being universal disappears. Fed ships will eventually be able to arrive in any configuration that a BoP could bring, and do it with an extra ensign. The only real advantage is to cryptic, since they don't have to produce as many new ships for the klingons as they do for the feds. Yet we pay for universal slots by having only eleven officer powers.

i) Finally, the biggest hurt to the BoP is probably the addition of so many other ships without cloaking devices. The number of non-cloaking klingon ships has meant an end to the ambush style of play that was so much fun for me as both a BoP and a fed. Klingon fleets no longer practice coordinated cloaking attacks and feds no longer need worry about defending against them, since there is always a decloaked target to perform an unthinking charge against. This is boring. It was probably on the wish list of every newbie fed who didn't want to take his licks learning to fight at the same level as klingon pilots. Even as experienced PVPers were saying the feds had the advantage, most new feds were avoiding PVP because of klingon premades that could simply slaughter them. However the problem was the way teaming and premades were handled and not the suspense of the ambushes. They addressed the wrong issue and the BoP (and PVP) got downgraded. If every other klingon, gorn, and orion ship had a cloak then the BoP would do better.

So to sum it up and answer the question, I want a balanced BoP. I think two more device slots and a universal ensign would be the minimum.

For a bonus;
- Fixing FAW is already on their to do list, but they need to upgrade APB / FOMM, then boost SS while decreasing the firepower of photonic fleet a notch.
- an ensign level cannon power that doesn't share cooldown with the team skills would help as well.
- Give every current trait a dual capacity, so that each trait effects ground and space in some way. The current system with only humans, borg, and the old saurians having traits that effect space combat is imbalanced.
This is fun and all, but last time i checked, Feds always loose! KDF always premade and are more orginized, only a Fed Premade can win in PvP! KDFs pwn, they have better ships ATM, but bird of pray needs more actual power! Birds of pray should get a passive 30% dmg buff. Or maybe give birds of pray something that reduces their targets heals significantly! Say, I heal for 13980, maybe that will get decreased to 7650 for 7 seconds after the bird of pray attacks, that way they cant insta heal, maybe a "Cripple" ability for BOPs, this will make them useful.