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06-09-2011, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by BrokenMirror
This is fun and all, but last time i checked, Feds always loose! KDF always premade and are more orginized, only a Fed Premade can win in PvP! KDFs pwn, they have better ships ATM, but bird of pray needs more actual power! Birds of pray should get a passive 30% dmg buff. Or maybe give birds of pray something that reduces their targets heals significantly! Say, I heal for 13980, maybe that will get decreased to 7650 for 7 seconds after the bird of pray attacks, that way they cant insta heal, maybe a "Cripple" ability for BOPs, this will make them useful.
Aside from the better ship part i agree completely. i will gladly explain why Fed vessels are better below.
1-hull points
3- the KDF counterparts to vessels such as the Dkr and Varonious rarely match up