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06-09-2011, 10:15 AM
Hey roach.

I think this is the thread I was referring to from back in february. Basically the true effect of the big debuffs can be as low as about 5% change in resistance:

As for the thing about human leadership, it was always broken so had no effect until recently. I tested things out after the trait was declared fixed in the release notes and found a noticeable effect for a fully human crew. The "in the know" comment was simply that some people read all the way through the release notes and others haven't.

I believe, with only personal experience and anecdotal evidence to back me up, that BFAW does produce more borg set regeneration. However the overall improvements to BFAW make it worth the difference. CRF has received no such boost since the introduction of the borg tech or since november (my choice of benchmark "ideal" timeframe).