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06-09-2011, 10:15 AM
FULL AUX FTW. run my aux at 119 with weps and engines as low as they will go, with shields resting around 70, then like Kilo said, chaining EPtS3+2 to keep them above 100+ at all times with resistances. I use TSS2+3, HE 2+3, and generally FBP for extra scary defense . Running at full AUX + Sensor Scan 3, a good DPS escort can expect to find him self at around 20% or lower hull as the penalty for trying to alpha me while FBP is active. I like the full aux to make my heals extra effective, healing both my team, and if nothing else my pets.
IMO, the pets is where your most of your DPS potential is, not your ship. And with Pets launch times tied to AUX, Full aux is the way to go I think.