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06-09-2011, 10:16 AM
If you're referring to charts like the ones from Spidermitch, those are correct.

The "reason" for the strange placement of the beams can be found in the difference in appearacne between the STO K't'inga and actual 'Trek K't'inga: it has some kind of short "beam strips" on its forward hull.
It appears that beams were placed in corresponding spots on the Qul'dun's hull but without adding the strips.

I'd like to add that personally the next level BoP, the Norgh, is a pesonal favourite of mine.
It has double-delta wings (like the Vor'cha) and a decent amount of physical weapon placements.
It has a cool wing pattern and an interesting impulse engine placement.
I wish I could fly a BoP with that appearance at T5 instead of the blocky Hegh'ta that looks like someone tried to imitate a Scimitar or the Haj, in which case I don't even know what to compare that thing to...