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06-09-2011, 11:16 AM
I'm weird with mine, I just stick with one build.

I fly the B'rel and I'm a Tac

Cm. TacT1, BO2, BO3 and APO3
LtCm. TacT1, THY2 and THY3
Lt. PH1 and TBR 1
Lt. EngT1 and EPTS 2

Fore: 2 DHC, 1 Torp and 1 DBB
Aft: 2 Turrets rear

I plan on testing

Cm. TacT1, THY2, BO3 and APO3
LtCm. TacT1, THY2 and BO3
Lt. SciT1 and PH2
Lt. EngT1 and EPTE 2

People might think all the teams are crazy but I only really stack Tac Teams. The Sci and Eng are for quick heals while cloaked. I only hit n run with my B'rel so not much need for sustained battle BOff abilities.