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06-09-2011, 11:16 AM
As I only have a LtCmdr BoP pilot... I don't have the experience to know just how well/badly the battle cloak functions. I am more of a behemoth pilot, unloading death in a most cataclysmic manner. I captain mostly Carriers and Cruisers. When you use a STANDARD battle cloak, can you USE an ability (photonic shockwave for instance...) while cloaked and it shuts OFF your cloak? Or do you have to MANUALLY decloak to use any abilities?

I should think the latter... but that is only a guess.

If that is the case, then wouldn't the B'rel have a (slight) but effective advantage? For when you typically 'de-cloak' doesn't it take 15ish seconds for the cloak to cooldown so you can use it again?

Theoretically, could you (as a B'rel pilot) be cloaked, choose a target, fly at full impulse toward them, hit photonic shockwave and drop a tricobalt mine in their lap... then hit evasive manuvers and recloak 3 seconds later as you pull away?

Is that possible? Simple, but effective hit-and-run tactics?

For truly, if the B'rel is indeed capable of that... then I know EXACTLY which BoP I am going with when I reach LtGeneral!


Just an afterthought... I just thought of a wicked 'stun build' that would be nice with a B'rel. Tell me what you think:

Cmdr BO: Sci officer
Viral Matrix 3
Photonic Shockwave 1
Haz Emitters 2
Sci Team 1

Lt.Cmdr BO: Eng officer
Eject Warp Plasma 1
Emergency Pwr Shields
Boarding Party

Lt BO: Tac officer
Rapid Fire 1
High Yield 1

Lt BO: Sci officer
Sci Team 2
Polarize Hull 1

3 Fore Dual Heavy Phaser (or antiproton) Cannons, 1 Fore Torp
1 Aft Tricobalt Mine, 1 Aft Turret

Now how nasty would THAT be?