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The b'rel refit for me was at first the greatest disappointment and also the most amazing discovery. I tried running a high speed attack ship with mostly tac bos and one sci one engy slot. I found that as a highspeed attack ship that can get in and get out it fails. Rather that it is no way better than its reg battlecloaking cousin the hegtah . However after dueling a friend i discovered that with more sci and less tac and one more engy it can be a very powerful platform. First of all i run all instant heals no he unless im uncloaked anyway and fighting. Second i run all tet cannons and transphasic rapid fire torps. That way i dont have to micro manage when i loose my torps as much. I also run gravity well. I run ep to struct integ 2 and engy team 1 for instant heals i also run dem 2. I have found that with this combination i can come out of cloak and kill a fed so fast he has no time to tank i routinely kill engy cruisers with this setup. The thing that makes the brel special is that i can fire torps do my instant sci abilities (gw) without being attacked i can throw up my tac buffs prior to ever decloaking and unleash hell before someone knows im even firing. This is ship is not broken it merely requires one to not be a noob. You also need teamwork because if you run my setup people will definitely try hard to kill you. Oh for my tac abil i run hyt 2 and rapid fire cannons 3 may switch them around not sure how much more damage my torps do vs my cannons. Anyway the thing with the emmiters is annoying but i believe it was done to give this ship balance in pvp. In the hands of a good science captain it is a wickedly capable ship