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# 97 Janaran Falls (part 1)
06-09-2011, 10:24 AM
(I managed to exceed the 11k character limit, so I broke it up into two posts.)

Janaran Falls

Starbase 10 Promenade

Dr. Jolie Bindo tapped her combadge as she turned to head back to the Infirmary. “This is Dr. Bindo--I was paged?”

“Aye, Doctor,” came the voice of SCPO Gage, one of the Infirmary medics. “The USS Solferino is docking. Dr. Michaels said there's a patient coming in stasis, and he wants an allergist to see her stat.”

“On my way right now.” It was not often that the Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 10 called for any of his staff on an emergency basis. Jolie strode briskly across the Promenade and caught a glimpse of the Solferino. The doctor put her hand to her mouth as her breath caught for a moment at the destruction. One nacelle was gone. The other two nacelles and part of the saucer had long, jagged chunks ripped out, leaving black gashes that strafed across the ship. She was the survivor of a fight with a Borg cube—just barely. Shuttles raced around it, extinguishing the last of the plasma fires that still burned. Jolie grabbed an elevator and rode up the 22 decks to the Infirmary section, entering the Emergency ward. It was filled with injured Solferino personnel and medical staff rushing around with instruments and supplies to treat them. Jolie could hear biobed alarms sounding all over the place, orders called out for medications and treatments, patients moaning. She had to concentrate on keeping her mental shields up—the Betazoid doctor could feel agonizing pain from so many of the survivors.

Dr. Michaels was in the eye of the hurricane of activity, looking at numerous monitors and triaging patients. He caught sight of the auburn-haired doctor. “Dr. Bindo—good. I've got an interesting case for you--a pregnant zhen in stasis suffering from anaphylaxis. A pipe burst near her on the Solferino, and she's apparently severely allergic to the chemical. I'm worried that's going to send her into pre-term labor—if she survives. I need your allergy expertise on this one.”

“I'll get that allergic reaction knocked down fast. How far along is she?”

“Her mates say she's at 85 days of 108.”

Jolie shook her head, frowning. “Definitely too early. I'll need OB on this.”

The dark-haired human nodded. “Dr. Okanta's finishing up another delivery, and then she'll join you. I had the zhen moved up to OB in case you need to do an emergency delivery.”

“I'll try to keep that from happening,” Jolie said.

“I've got Neonatology on call if you need. I'll let you get to work.” Dr. Michaels waved a dismissal, and she strode off to OB.

Ensign Relawwin handed Dr. Bindo a PADD the moment she stepped through the door to the Andorian's room. “Here's Nala's medical file, Dr. Bindo. The stasis unit is already hooked up to the biobed.”

“Thanks, Relawwin,” she said, eyes already on the data streaming on the screen. Jolie studied the medical records and scans of Nala while waiting for the Bolian chief of obstetrics, Dr. Okanta, to finish with the delivery. Prior to being put in stasis, Nala's heart rate had been extremely irregular from the anaphylaxis she suffered from chemical exposure. Jolie noticed her oxygen levels were well below normal, and the quadruplets were trying to separate from the pouch artery and vein they were attached to by their pouch-fangs.

Dr. Yarla Okanta walked into the room, smiling. “It's a girl! Mama did well.” The light blue Bolian looked at the biobed monitors and patted the stasis chamber. “Now, Nala, let's see if we can keep you from becoming a mama too soon.” She joined Jolie in looking over all the medical information.

Jolie frowned. “She's not in labor, Yarla, but the babies were trying to separate from the pouch vessels. I should be able to stop the anaphylaxis, but she might code.”

Yarla rubbed a hand down her chin in thought. “Not good. They're too weak at this age to crawl out of the pouch on their own.” She looked over at her OB nurse. “Relawwian, get the surgery unit set up. If Nala codes or we can't keep the little ones attached, we're going to do an emergency section.”

“Aye, Doctor,” he replied. He nodded to a couple techs who quickly set up the instrument unit. “Her mates are in the waiting room, by the way.”

“As soon as I can get free, I'll go talk to them.”

Jolie looked at the chart once more, triple-checking all the details. “I'm going to give her 250 cc of metrazene to stabilize the arrhythmia, along with 50 cc of pulmozene. I'm going to knock the anaphylaxis down with 75 cc of diphenidryl and a bolus of 280 cc of cortisone.”

Yarla nodded. “The cortisone will help the babies' lungs develop in case they don't stay attached. Let's add 25cc of asinolyathin—since it calms muscle spasms, it'll keep her pouch from trying to contract. It's much easier to keep the labor from starting than stop it once it starts.”

Relawwin had the hypos drawn up and prepared before Jolie even had to ask. “Surgery unit is ready if you need it, Dr. Okanta.” He turned the oxygen on the osmotic infuser up to 100%.

Jolie called out, “Bringing Nala out of stasis: 3, 2, 1”

On '1', the force field dropped. The Andorian spasmed, then opened her eyes as Jolie, Yarla, and Relawwin applied all the hyposprays in tandem. Her antennae hung over to the side in fatigue, but quivered as she regained her senses. The biobed alarms sounded at her irregular heart rate and low oxygen levels.

Jolie said, “Nala, you're on Starbase 10. I'm Dr. Bindo, the allergist. Dr. Okanta is the chief of OB here. You're having a bad allergic reaction, we're getting that under control now so it doesn't harm the babies.”

Nala gasped, her massive chest muscles fighting to take in as much air as she could. She shivered. “Mates?”

“They're all OK. They're in the waiting room.”

The Andorian nodded, and the rigid look on her pale face relaxed ever so slightly. “And the babies?”

Dr. Okanta looked at her medical tricorder and all the biobed readings. “The babies are healthy, they're just trying to detach. We're working on stopping that.”

Nala nodded. She breathed heavily still, but noticeably easier as the medications took full effect. Her heart rate became more regular. “I'm starving.”

Dr. Okanta asked, “We'll get you something to eat as soon as it's safe. You're not feeling any pain or contractions, are you?”

Nala nodded her head 'no' as she rubbed her gravid belly, then patted it gently.

Jolie watched the improving bioindicators on the screen above the bed. “How's the breathing now, Nala?”

“Better...itching's starting to go away.”

“That's a very good sign.” Jolie watched for several more minutes as Nala's breathing eased and the biobed indicators continued to climb. When she was satisfied that the immediate crisis was averted, she said to Relawwin. “Give her 75 cc diphenadryl every 4 hours by hypo and infuse 50cc of cortisone over a half hour every 8 hours. If the dyspnea or itching come back, call me stat.”

“Aye, Doctor.”

Dr. Okanta's lips were pressed in a thin line. “The babies should be trying to re-attach, but they're not.”

“It doesn't look like they're still trying to detach, at least,” Jolie said.

“At least there's that. Now we play the waiting game. Relawwin, her mates can come to see her now.”

Jolie put a hand on the Andorian's arm. “I'll stop by in awhile and see how you're doing, Nala, but you should be past the worst of the anaphylaxis reaction.” She looked back over to Dr. Okanta. “My regular shift starts in a couple hours. I'll check in then.”