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# 98 Janaran Falls (part 2)
06-09-2011, 10:25 AM
Dr. Bindo left the Infirmary for her quarters. Thoughts about Nala swirled around, like the Sapphire-chinned hummerbirds that would hover but never alight on the tropical flowers surrounding her childhood home on Betazed. She stopped, turned, and instead made her way through the busy hallways to the holodeck level. One of the rooms was free. She stepped through and touched the wall panel. “Computer: load program Bindo-Janaran Falls-3.” The blank walls dissolved as her favorite program loaded. Mountains appeared in the distance. Flowers bloomed around her feet. A stream started to bubble next to her, meandering off from the massive, multilevel cascade that was the famous Betazoid Janaran Falls. Soft sun-rays lit pink clouds and refracted off the water in tiny jewel tones. Jolie sat down on the grass, breathing in the mountain air. She closed her eyes and listened to the birds flitting through the trees and the insects buzzing as they gathered nectar from the blossoms. She let the sounds and scents of her haven help clear her mind and let her meditate so that the hovering thoughts would finally land.

She had been sitting for some time when she heard the soft chime of the holodeck door. She sighed. The thoughts refused to settle. “Come,” she said.

A tall, dark blue Andorian walked in. “I'm Kovandor th'Rhendilev,” he said. He pointed at the ring on his left antenna. “Nala's mate.”

Jolie stood instantly, concern furrowing her brow. “Is she OK?”

“She's improving rapidly. I came to thank you for saving her life. We thought she was lost to us.” He stopped for a moment as his voice caught. “The babies still aren't re-attaching and we might lose them, but I don't know what we would have done without Nala. It's been hard enough watching her work herself nearly to death the last few days to keep the ship from disintegrating around us. She hardly slept, hardly ate, and then the pipe burst....”

The whirling hummerbird finally landed. “By the Four Goddesses, that's it!”

The Andorian tilted his antennas at Jolie in confusion.

“Kovandor, when's the last time Nala ate a good meal?”

“Not for the last 3 days at least. I noticed she was becoming a bit gray the day the pipe broke. Why?”

“She told us she's starving. The babies must be hungry, too. That's why they're trying to detach.” She tapped her combadge as she started to walk to the holodeck door. “Dr. Bindo to pharmacy. Prepare an Andorian amino acid infusion with 15% dextramene for Nala and send it up to OB stat. Dr. Bindo to Dr. Okanta.”

“Okanta here,” the chief of obstetrics replied.

“Nala hasn't eaten well in at least 3 days—we need to check her protein stores. I have pharmacy prepping an amino acid infusion for her. I think the babies are hungry. I'll be right there.”

Jolie and Kovandor hurried back to Nala's bay. The pale blue zhen was lying on her side on the biobed, antennas twitching slightly with anxiety. Kovandor went to her side, taking one of her hands and smiling down at her. Jolie was pleased to notice her breathing was no longer labored, and the biobed indicators were approaching the normal range.

Dr. Okanta scanned Nala's belly with the medical tricorder and then said to Dr. Bindo, “We've got the infuser at 100%. I think your theory about the babies' hunger causing detachment makes sense, Jolie.” The Bolian looked at the scan results. “It looks like the two babies that were trying to detach are re-attaching to the pouch vessels, and the two still attached are making deeper attachments now. Nala definitely needed the protein, too.” The obstetrician smiled as she looked up at the Andorian quad. “It looks like the babies are improving. I can't guarantee they won't try to detach again, but even a few more days in pouch will make all the difference.”

Nala sighed in relief, and her antennas quit twitching. Kovandor grabbed the two doctors in a great bear hug, and brushed his antennas on top of their heads in an Andorian kiss.

Jolie grinned at his enthusiasm. “Well, I have to go do rounds. I'll come back later.”

“Doctors,” Nala said, voice quiet. “I want you to come to their Birth ceremony.”

Jolie and Yarla looked at each other in stunned silence at this great honor, then back at the quad. Four sets of antennas curved towards them in anticipation.

“Of course,” Dr. Bindo replied. The smile lit her face the rest of the day.