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06-09-2011, 10:57 AM
I like the Galaxy X, though I tend to use my Assault Cruiser more. When I'm in mine - Tac officer btw - I usually run this:

Fore: 1 mk xi dual phaser beam bank, 2 mk xi phaser arrays, 1 quantum
Aft: 3 mk xi phaser arrays, 1 quantum.
Borg set across the board, but I rotate my Aegis shields in and out depending on what I'll be fighting.
Consoles are:
1 neutronium plating, one shield emitter (+35 percent shields), one shield power booster, one RCS module. All mk xi crafted.
1 Borg Console, 1 Induction Field Stabilizer Mk XI/Oberth Console
2 phaser relay mk xi - crafted.

Devices are Scorpion fighters, rechargeable shield battery, red matter capacitor, subspace field modulator.

Bridge powers are:
Tac Ens: Tactical team one.
Tac Lt: Fire at Will 1, High Yield Torpedo 2
Eng com: Emergency to Engines, Engineering team 2, Emergency to shields 3, reverse shield polarity 3
Eng LtC: Engineering team 1, Aux to inertial dampeners 2, Aux to Structural 3
Sci Lt: Polarize Hull 1, Science team 1.

Good ship, good firepower, and the Lance is AWESOME when it works right. You'll enjoy it if you can get passed it's turn rate and letting things just circle your death zones. Though Alpha Strike, EptE, and Aux to Dampeners will let you surprise anything for a quick turn right into the Lance's barrel. I can just hear Escort Pilots cussing from their end when I do a turn as sharp as they can once every minute forty...