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06-09-2011, 10:57 AM
Alien Engineer
Traits: Efficient, accurate, illusive, warp core theorist (traits chosen with PvP in mind)
Efficient Borg Bridge officer

PvP Build:-
Fore: 2 x Phaser Beam arrays (BA), 2x Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons (DHC)
Aft: 4 x Phaser BA

All around fire, with focus on forward firepower.

PvE Build (including STF):-
Fore: 4 x Phaser DHC
Aft: 3 x Phaser Turrets, 1 x Phaser BA

Engineering Consoles: Field Emitter, 3xRCS (yes, you do notice the difference)

This build rips through shields and hull like a knife through butter. Due to the lack of NPC manoeuvrability, I have no trouble bringing a target into my optimum firing arc. Works just as well in STF (though perhaps best to use the PvP set up for first space battle in KA).

The aft phaser array is a token beam weapon. The only reason I didn't go all out turret on the aft is that the Starship DPS calculator refused to calculate it, so I played safe.

It's extreme, it's basic, but it works very well. So effective it's rather boring...

Both builds:-
Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield Array: Aegis

Science Consoles: Enhanced Plasma Manifold, Borg Universal Console
Tactical Consoles: 2x Phaser Relays

BO Powers:-
Tac Ens: Tactical team one
Tac Lt: Tactical team one, Cannon Rapid Fire 1
Eng com: Emergency to Engines, RSP, Emergency to shields 3, AUX2SIF3
Eng LtC: Emergency to Weapons, Engineering Team 2, Emergency to shields 3
Sci Lt: Science team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Due to Tact team stacking, I decided not to rely on Engineering Teams for heals, rather use a combination of AUX2SIF and Hazard Emitters. Also, due to the Borg set and a focus on shield tanking, chances are the Borg heal proc will be set off anyway.

In PvP the engineering console layout changes depending on circumstances, though the field generator will always be used.