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Hello All

I need some help with my assault cruiser consoles. Iím a PvE player that solos and often joins teams. Iím looking for a balance between: speed, tanking, and DPS. Which consoles should I look for and why?
It's difficult to give failsafe advice of this sort. Maybe some general tips?

The TAC consoles are generally pretty easy. Most just fill them with the highest available console that enhances your preferred weapons energy type i.e. phaser consoles if you use phasers, plasma if you use plasma. You can experiment with torp and mine consoles but they aren't seen as very effective simply because a cruiser typically uses more energy weapons.

The Science consoles can vary, but most cruiser captains will use hazard emitters and/or polarize hull for extra defense. Both benefit from the halon console. Also, if you have the Borg Assimilation console typically that is put here. Some folks will try to enhance Science Team and/or Transfer Shield strength. i think those are enhanced by the Deflector Dish console.

Engineering is what varies the most at least on my builds. Most will recommend using the +35% to Shield capacity console available in the emblem store (not sure you have access to that). The rest depend on how you fly your ship. You have a choice between power enhancing consoles (+n to shields, weapons, aux, or engines) and armor consoles with some oddball consoles thrown in (+n able crew for example, or +x% shield recharge). You also have the EPS console which facilitates energy transfer. So it depends on how you want to fly your ship. You might choose extra shield energy for better shield resistance and recharge. You might choose more armor for more hull resistance, etc. It is really your call.

And remember, the consoles are important, but your BO powers are MORE important. Try and create an entire set-up (weapons, consoles, BO powers, even def/eng/shield) that complement your playstyle.